If it turns out horrible, it turns out horrible, and then you can complain. August 17, edited August 17, We know this from experience with Archeage and Black Desert: August 10, edited August 10, Just wait for the Anticheat, and by the looks of things the new Anticheat has its own heartbeart so will ban on its own a bit like Punkbuster use to so that’ll give them an IP ban: That model doesnt work here, but the security app thingy isnt good enough to prevent client-side rubbish except if the devs “learn” what is hacking behaviour and then teach the security app to recognise it

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When was the last time you’ve seen this many players of WarRock? When PvP comes around legitimate players will be outclassed by players who illicitly Paid to win and enabled the gold sellers to trun enough profit to keep up with their shennanigans.

Why the anticheat isn’t on, I’m not sure. In my opinion it is useless to complain because this is not the way to solve the problems. Where do you think all the bundles of craft items come from? The issue is that this already affects the long term game.


This is not liked by the moderators. If its not fixed by the time PvP comes out I will move on, and I can confidently say the same for everyone on my friends and guild lists. I assume this warrock nexon hacks a result of poor planning and communication warrock nexon hacks DE and EAC or whatever the anticheat is, as well as Papaya being involved but DE has been notorious for terrible communicationsuch that EAC hasn’t had enough time to prepare to defend the game so they missed the launch deadline.

Blame the extremely poor Nexon guard for doing nothing. There is at least 1 hacker every third round of the tournament. North Caucasian since korean ver y https: The game has currently more hackers than Nexon times, what will papaya do about it? DE is still the developer.

Some players are also buying from gold sellers so they are already geared up with max lvl FK gear etc. If you type into google – warro autofill number 2 on autofill will most likely be warrock hacks.

Hacker problem – Papaya Play Forum

Sign In or Register to comment. You have to make bug reports hack and ovc etc. The content isn’t released yet, so let’s not jump warrck gun here. It means they will always be a month behind the latest exploits. If it turns out horrible, it turns out horrible, and then you can complain.


We’ll just have to wait and see. The AH is flooded with items that bots have harvested. Guys if you want to help the warrock community.

This issue is caused bacause Korean games do warrocl much client-side, in a way warrock nexon hacks western games never would never allow.

Much needed features on a forum A spoiler tag or warrock nexon hacks collapsible element. Log In Sign Up.

WarRock Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits

You just need to send a ticket that no one sees. Warock feel that the large amount of cheaters is due to a couple of factors. Those harvesting mules that teleport from node to node. Just today l saw 5 hackers 3 of which were in tournament rooms. Warrock nexon hacks 10, edited August 10, Bots and gold mules are already selling items and offering gold to players. August 12, edited August 12, I have spent over euros in just 2 weeks on this game because I love it but.