An adhesive for use where labels are subjected to a variety of external conditions. The most practical whiteness formula is the one developed by E. Peel Adhesion An average is taken of the three strips prior to and after immersion. Malachite may fade when exposed to a strong light source. The following solvents can be used to clean the test plates: Education and training is critical in order to stimulate future growth and development. Hydrodispersable self adhesive laminates already exhibit no contamination in the sheets obtained after the disintegration step.

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These should be taken from handboo, representative sample of material. Excessive flow of adhesive at high temperature can give high release values, particularly with pinholed or imperfect silicone coatings. Remove the backing material and place the adhesive coated facing material adhesive side down onto a clean handdbook plate using light finger pressure and without stretching the material. The equivalent British Standard is BS After finat technical handbook conditioning procedure the applied finat technical handbook should be trimmed to the dimension of the test plate.

The sides of the jaw should be protected from the adhesive coating. After applying the strips to the test plate, leave for a period of 20 minutes before testing.

handbkok Resistance to shear from a standard surface is defined as the time required for a standard area of pressure sensitive coated material to slide from a standard flat surface in a direction parallel to the surface. Record size and frequency of the spots. What is the cost? Erwin Sick AG, finat technical handbook Steps 1 to 4 do not contain any optical brightener but have decreasing doses of yellow pigment.


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Set the machine at mm per minute jaw separation rate, carry out the test taking five readings at 10 mm intervals from the centre section of the test strip. If practical, the technica pieces should be conditioned for at least four hours prior to testing. FTM30 was added in The evaluation of backing damage or marking to the liner that may be caused due to kiss cutting via a die. Different batches of the same adhesive tape can have very different peel strengths in excess of the minimum specifiedand therefore give difference results on the same print, so a finat technical handbook false “fail” can arise.

The following extra precautions are applicable to the products stated. Haidian District Beijing Tel.: Total applied cost e-module 3: Alternative dye chemicals could be usedeg. Soak the specimen in the beaker of solvent to soften the adhesive approximately one finat technical handbook. One-to-one intensive training Group handbok Low cost on-line webinars What is the cost? The adhesive must form no stickies and must not add to the burden in the water circuit of the paper mill as measured by Chemical Oxygen Demand.

FINAT technical handbook

Several samples should be taken from a representative coated tdchnical, and for wide off coater samples the position across the web should be noted since variations can occur. Aluminium foil or polyester coated with a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive to eliminate elongation effects in the front material of the sample. The edge lifting if any, is measured in mm finat technical handbook each side of the label l1, l2.


Posted 12 August – Metal or glass pressure plates loaded to give a pressure of 6. There should be handgook signs of Malachite penetration through the backing. Filter off the circuit water and add the filter residue to the fibres.

Other test surfaces may be used and should be reported with the results see note 2. The resistance of the ink to mechanical removal is also measured by scratching the ink and by deformation under pressure. The chosen test finat technical handbook should be recorded with the results.

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It is strongly recommended that the release test device be used with a high speed trace recorder. It is particularly relevant to synthetic film based materials such as Polyvinyl chloride PVCPolyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyester etc. This gives 18 l of suspension with g.